About Us


Kreative Genius Entertainment (KG Entertainment) will be the premiere film and photography resource in every community that we serve. We will lead the entertainment industry in image quality and customer satisfaction.


KG Entertainment is a film and photography company that specializes in image quality and customer satisfaction. KG Entertainment provides a wide range of services, which include DVD authorization, electronic press kit development, music video production, digital photography, portfolio growth, and much more. Our film and photography team provides top-notch visual presentations that are second to none because each of our staff members has over 10 years of experience. We produce music videos, commercials, and photography to satisfaction because we are obsessed with the quality of everything we produce. KG Entertainment provides services that are of great use to individuals, businesses, and organizations seeking to preserve memorable moments, gain media exposure and achieve everlasting success.

In order to provide these topnotch services, KG Entertainment has aligned its resources and people with its 10 years of expertise and experience to create a system that will produce value with every film production and photography project we create. To do this we are proficient in the following software:
• Final Cut Pro
• Photoshop CC
• Lightroom CC

By combining these proficiencies with our passion to Amaze and “WOW” the customer we create works of art that capture our client’s best moments in the best way possible.


KG Entertainment believes that the foundation to our success is the active pursuit of perfection and our endless obsession with image quality. Our philosophy is as follows:

“By delivering high quality images, whose sole purpose is to amaze and “WOW” the customer, we will earn total satisfaction with every project, because we have captured the best moments of their lives, in the best way possible.”
– Sean Satchell

We are disgusted with mediocrity. Our team believes that every life changing event deserves to be immortalized and we are trained to identify opportunities to enhance those moments in every way possible. We are trained professionals who are driven to provide quality work that will surpass the expectations of every client and coworker alike. KG Entertainment will grow as a film and photography company by constantly training and motivating every employee in our team of event recorders and editors to be the best in the industry. It is our belief that every event deserves to be recorded and that every customer deserves to be amazed.